oh very yes please. Where can I get these?

oh very yes please. Where can I get these?




Lets do an experiment: reblog if you would feel safer hanging out with trans women (regardless of what genitals they currently posses) than Cis women who are transphobic and deny trans women’s obvious womanhood.

well pretty obvious for me I guess.

Hey friend, I just felt like saying that you're really cool and cute, and that from everything I've seen you're an incredibly strong person! Being able to see you smile and laugh and light up the lives of your friends and loved ones is incredibly uplifting and motivating, both to me and I'm sure to many many more people! ^w^ I just wanted to say that cuz everyone needs to be reminded how great they are from time to time~ <3

I guess that includes you!

Thankyou for making me smile this morning :) xx

People have been asking where to buy that tshirt in my recent photos again so here is the link. I guess this also shows who made the tshirt as well so if you have any queries about its design, perhaps they are better to speak to.

And yes, they also do an Estrogen Poisoning top as well.





more examples of my girlfriend being the cutest entity either living or dead

oh I was not aware of that second photo at all!

you gorgeous thing!! people will always take photos of pretty things!!!

this shirt takes on a whole new meaning for someone who was forced onto testosterone supplementation as a child in order to be “masculinized” into a charade of a dyadic male

i should stop acting so surprised when i see the tumblr trans community facetiously appropriating the lives of intersex people, shouldn’t i?

That’s awful Liquidcoma, I really do sympathise, and all the more indication as to why the binary gender system is a broken and dated concept, as is “medical intervention” of such things. They place such a  concept above bodily autonomy and that’s just so wrong.

But you see, when I was born, I too did not have a choice in being saturated for a large portion of my life with hormones incorrect for my identity. I was suppressed in a different way, by my own body instead of by a doctor’s poor judgement.

Feeling as I do, I do not see how this is appropriating the lives of intersex people, moreover I feel that this as a tshirt will work for anybody who feels that their body should not have such hormones within it.

I just hope things are better for you now.

I hope this isn't intrusive, or rude but are you in a poly relationship? You don't have to answer if it makes you uncomfortable I was just kinda curious...

Me and Laura are not engaged in any romantic relationships with anybody else. I think generally that, if we did decide to alter that then it would be mutually agreed between us.

Unless this is about the whole thing about me dating cuteosphere AND dragondicks :)


more examples of my girlfriend being the cutest entity either living or dead

oh I was not aware of that second photo at all!

my father had a business thing in Hong kong and he let me tag along and my God it is the most cyberpunk city I have ever seen. If you can afford it, I strongly recommend you go at some point because AHHHHHHHHHHH

It is very very much on my bucket list.

28 years? no way ur older that 24 dont be lieing girl lol

I am 30 years old. No, really.

Hey sorry to be a bother hun, I just wondering what your shirt meant by 'I survived testosterone poisoning' >___<

ha  ha I am surprised I get asked this but okay.

Its because I had Testosterone doing its work in my body for 28 years, and I guess I consider it poisoning considering it did quite the number on my body all that time.

I guess I figured it was obvious that I was a transgender woman. I am even wearing a trans symbol necklace in that picture.

But yeah, many of us transgender women look upon testosterone as something that “poisoned” us. surviving it simply means we continue to be, despite that in our pasts!


my girlfriend saw the photos I just uploaded of her and told me in a tearful-sounding voice over skype “laura… I miss that burger”

it true ;_;


my girlfriend is unbearably cute

that was a very good burg <3


The Matrix (1999) Directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski

A very important but simple lesson for people to understand about defined self perception.