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oh man I adore the colour grading here.

Uh, hi, I'm sorry if you've been asked this before but what's your stance on the whole truscum vs. anti-truscum thing? I'm genderfluid myself and not entirely sure what to think ow whether I qualify as trans or not. Sorry for bothering you, by the way.

I have been asked before, yes.

It is not up to me to decide if you consider yourself transgender or not. One thing to note is that being trans and transitioning are two very separate things and it is okay to not be in a state of both at the same time. If your gender fluidity means that you actively present differently to express your state of gender, then that to me suggests a transition between gender states…something which could be recognised as being part of openly transgender and transitioning. Expressing your feelings can be a good indicator to others only… only you know how you feel about yourself.

Certainly, I do not see it as a qualifier for being trans, though ultimately I try to steer rather clear of the debate at large because I can understand why some people would feel the authenticity of their own struggles is being challenged by those who share their identity but do not engage in transition in the same manner as they do.

Sometimes the reason we accept self labels is because we use them as part of a measure of identifying ourselves with others around us and the comfort that can bring. For somebody else’s societal norms to challenge that label with their own adoption of it, well.. I can see why people get upset. Me? I do not mind as long as you are personally comfortable. I understand the difference between personal labels and those used on a larger social scale and feel ready to respect them both, despite how sometimes they clash.

TLDR: If you think you qualify as trans, than you probably are. If not, then thats okay too and doesn’t make you any more or less of a person regardless. If people are challenging your identity, then they are not giving you your due respect as an individual who is entitled to make that decision.

My apologies if this is long winded and I just hope you find it useful.

Feeling accomplished? I wish I knew how.

Its strange, how I can take out a day to write a fully referenced academic evaluation of my teaching standards reflected in a demonstration of my practice and after spending several hours slaving over it… feel like I have really got nowhere in my life at all. I just looked over at the written work I have just completed today, considered what I still have to come and just.. just became so fully aware that this is it now.. this is my life. It feels like everything I am doing is just so hard and always has been… and may always be. It scares me to think that this course, any subsequent teaching work, looking after myself, tidying up, keeping bills and finances in order… all of it… adult life… is this hard all the time.

I keep seeing the spectres of everything I have not yet done, threatening to drive me into emotional oblivion if I do not complete them within some time frame that my mind struggles to comprehend beyond the next day or two. I hate this part of my ADD. It drives me forward, but sometimes at such cost to my emotional state as I run forwards ever scared of reality catching up to me from beyond my sight. The unknown is still the monster beneath my bed, the shadow out of reach.

It does not feel rewarding right now, it feels like… existence again. I do not feel any sense of gratification towards what I do despite being fully aware of the magnitude of it all for me. Many would appreciate and respect my reports, my teaching studies and how I put across ideas in my referenced work.

But to me, simply having it done at a certain time and being able to wake up each day and get into a car and drive to places away from the safety of my house is probably something I want people to really be proud of me for. I want the world to tell me I am a good woman even for the little things, because without that the great things just feel like an extended part of a prolonged existence without a sense of ultimate meaning. Often, my greatest challenge isn’t getting things done. It is a telling myself that I am worthwhile and that I have accomplished them to reflect that.

Nobody told me that the hardest thing about my life would be to love it, no matter what.

Even the most dire sci-fi story is hopeful. There is a presumption in most stories that humanity has not all been eradicated by war, famine, or natural disaster by the time the narrative kicks-in.
3D Model of Harajuku Decora Haruka Kurebayashi


Harajuku Girl Haruka by AVATTA on Sketchfab

Move your mouse around and she moves!


my girlfriend has got me listening to machine supremacy and one of the songs gives me final fantasy 7 feelings. its like im thirteen again

I am incredibly proud of this fact :)


S T A T I O N | FS


S T A T I O N | FS



Just wanted to say you looked soooooo good in those pics and leggings and converse totally suit you and is a very nommy look <3 Hope you're having a good time aside from such fun shenanigans :)

Aww thankies!

Yeah things are ultimately going quite well for me as of late. I just completed my Microteach for my Uni course and things went ace. Going to the gig was my reward to myself for working hard and doing well :)

Last night I went with some buddies to go see Machinae Supremacy!

This has been the first gig I have gone to in over 2 years so really, the first as Rhianne :)

Having long hair is really fun… I got to headbang properly for the first time in my life. Feels good, despite the whiplash haha.

I got to meet the band and we talked about chiptunes, digital media, Jets’n’guns and more besides. They were really lovely and sincere and it was nice to be able to meet them and watch them play at such a tiny venue with about 40 other people. The reason they are touring like this is because they crowd funded everything, so even tiny gigs that cannot really run a profit become feasible for them. Perhaps a once in as lifetime opportunity!

I also met another trans lady there who was dancing next to us all night. She was about as tall as me and looked super cute, I wish I got her name now, ah well. Proportionally, that makes use about 12.5% of the fans out that night to be transitioners, assuming nobody else there was! I guess MaSu has a lot of transhumanist and progressive themes in their work that seem to gel well with the younger gender variant generation.

Anyhow, on to the photos of my little adventure (lots of images below):

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sent to me by http://rafael-mathe.tumblr.com/ it’s a well done short with a more modern cyberpunk aesthetic, lots of great little details

spread the signal… be free.


State of the art destructive capabilities,commanded by a unique combination of software and organic systems.Dustrial Circuitron Bomber.


State of the art destructive capabilities,
commanded by a unique combination of software and organic systems.
Dustrial Circuitron Bomber.


Make it Wearable: Wristify, a personal climate-controlling wearable could make ACs obsolete

I’m pretty sure, that I had Wristify here at futurescope a year ago. Wired had a small feature about first prototypes. Doesn’t seem that way. Never mind. Wristify from embr labs is a thermoelectric bracelet or a personal climate-controlling wearable that allows you to instantly heat or cool yourself by subjecting the skin to alternating pulses of hot or cold.

Team Wristify has developed the first active personal heating and cooling bracelet. Using the Intel Edison, the wearable wristband adapts to users’ preferences, utilizing biofeedback to respond to physiological cues, and creating a new channel of communication between wearers and their own thermal comfort. Invented by a team of materials scientists from MIT with the express intent to deliver rapid temperature change directly to the skin, Wristify stimulates thermoreceptors and maximizes sensation per unit energy used. Whether it’s through refreshing cool or soothing warmth, Wristify is a wearable experience with a strong emotional value, and functional hardware that is well-suited for everyday use.

[embr labs] [the creators project]




by G.L.

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